The Master Wordsmith:

Transforming Your Words From Good To Great.

Book coaching, editing, and ghostwriting services that establish your authority and turn your words into profit.


What We Do

Three Ways We Turn Your Words Into Profits

Book Coaching

For when you’ve got a great idea for your book, but you don’t know what to do next.

I’ll work with you one-on-one to turn that idea into a comprehensive outline, develop a writing strategy that actually works for you, and support you through every step of the writing process.

That idea of yours is taking your money by sitting inside your head doing nothing. Don’t let it steal any more!


For when you’ve pushed yourself through the first draft, but it just doesn’t feel right yet.

I’ll bring my master wordsmith magic to your text, not only fixing typos but also maximizing clarity, relating your message more strongly to your ideal audience, dialing up your emotional impact and helping you sound like the authority you are. In today’s market it’s not enough to be good anymore—so let’s take your words from good to great.


For when your business needs an amazing book, but you’re too busy running the business to write it yourself.

By bringing me on as your ghostwriter, you’ll save yourself dozens of hours while putting your focus and skills back into your business where they’re needed most. You’ll hand off 80% of the project to a writing expert with an open calendar. And you’ll still have the final say on how your book ends up. Bandwidth is a precious commodity—use mine instead of yours!

How We Do It

  • Highest-quality writing work that turns your words from good to great
  • Personal, one-on-one guidance from an award-winning master wordsmith
  • In-depth evaluations of your text, strategy, and/or writing needs before we even start working together
  • Customized projects for your individual needs and goals
  • Flexible scheduling with immediate start upon retainer
  • Fast turnarounds, but never so rushed that quality suffers
  • True project partnerships where I give your work the same level of focused care you’d put in yourself
  • The “wow” factor—if I didn’t wow you, I didn’t do my job

What’s In It For You

  • Become the authority figure online and offline that your industry needs you to be
  • Promote your speaking career, increase your client retention, build a following of raving fans, attract your ideal customers starting NOW
  • Turn your tax dollars into a business asset—yes, hiring me for your book is a deductible business expense
  • Save time and money by working with the right book creation partner the first time—if we’re not a great fit, I’ll recommend someone else I trust
  • Work within guaranteed timelines—if you meet your deadlines, I will always meet mine
  • Get individual attention and support that meets you where you are—no one-size-fits-all programs here
  • Build a book creation partnership for the future of your business—my clients never leave once they believe

About Me

James Ranson, The Master Wordsmith, is a Wall-Street-Journal-bestselling editor, ghostwriter and book coach who has worked with over 200 authors. In addition to his own clients, he has done editing and ghostwriting work for several digital publishing companies, including Book in a Box and Authors Unite. James is the author of Buy Once, Cry Once: How Shortcuts Cost You In The Long Run, and is currently working on his second book.

An avid reader and unofficial master wordsmith since before kindergarten, James has been writing and editing in one form or another for over twenty years. In addition to the Wall Street Journal acclaim, his wordsmith achievements include presenting at the College English Association’s national conference (as one of only four undergraduates), writing grants for three opera companies, coaching speakers for four TEDx events, and writing Playbill content for a Grammy-winning symphony orchestra. James’s broad writing and life experience background makes him an ideal partner in creating books on a wide variety of topics, businesses and industries.

What my clients are saying

James transformed the book I loved into a book that others could love too. Clarity is everything, and James was to my book what BRITA is to my water. David Hrostoski

Coach, Author & Founder,

James was the solution to all of my book problems. He understood my situation, shared my goal to create a high-quality masterpiece, and matched his expertise to my passion effortlessly. His blend of rigorous editing, inquisitiveness, professionalism, and humor made him a joy to work with, and his work added light-years of clarity, accessibility, and power to my book. I’m so grateful to have found him before I gave up on it! Jolie Dawn

Author and Chief Creative Visionary,

James Ranson was exactly the writer we needed. Not only did he provide high-quality writing, he also made special effort to understand our industry well beyond surface-level knowledge. James walked the line between technical explanation and engaging, conversational tone perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better writer for this job. Kim Butler

Founder of Partners For Prosperity, Author of six acclaimed finance books

James helped make my writing clearer, more cohesive, easier to grasp, and more entertaining to read. His editing skills improved my book in ways I didn’t know existed before I hired him. Steven Daar

Author of Profit Hacking, CEO of Conversion For Good

Did you know I’m also a published author?

I have written or contributed to several well-received books on editing, writing, and business success.

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