The Seven Deadly Shortcuts of Book Creation

by James Ranson, the Master Wordsmith

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What readers are saying about this guide

Russell Smith

Russell Smith

"I'm so glad I grabbed this guide. If I'm honest, writing a book is really confusing, but it's so easy to think 'I can do this!' and just start doing things in all random directions.

Having this guide next to me while working on my draft really kept me on course."

Ransom Patterson

Ransom Patterson

"I've been guilty of all of these at one point, but especially number 1, gluttony.

7 Deadly Shortcuts is a reminder to focus on what really matters: writing the best book you can with the best help you can get. It's the no-b.s. tough love you need if you want to succeed as self-published author."

 Jyssica Schwartz

Jyssica Schwartz

"I love the way you equated the widely-known seven deadly sins to writing. This is such an ingenious way to discuss writing and just getting up and doing it - which is something so many writers struggle with. Your clear, concise actionable steps to fixing each 'sin' are easy to implement and make it all feel easier than before."

About the author

James Ranson

James Ranson is The Master Wordsmith.

A best-selling author and editor. His mission is to turn your words into profit by helping you create a high-quality business book.

What you'll learn

  • How gluttony can cause you to starve your writing process.
  • What envy does to torpedo your confidence and focus.
  • How lust takes you out of yourself and distracts you from creating.
  • Why sloth is so much worse than just being lazy.
  • How pride can be worthwhile...except when it isn't.
  • What wrath does to block the quality of your writing.
  • Why greed turns successful book projects into failures.
  • And of course, how to avoid, fix, and overcome each deadly shortcut...ideally before you take them!

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