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Your partner in turning words into profit

Here’s what I know about you. You’re sharp, dynamic, creative, and a damn hard worker. You know things about your industry that no one else does. You know you’re an authority figure in your field, you want to step into that spotlight, and you know a great book can be the key. You just don’t know how to make a book great yet. And in the day-to-day hassle of keeping up with your business, you don’t have the space to learn how to fix that all by yourself.

You also know you can’t afford to wait. The longer you put off making this book a reality, the more money, authority and business growth it steals from you by sitting inside your head doing nothing. No matter how slammed you are, delay is a cost too great to pay. Plus, you know how the market works today. You know it used to be enough to just write something halfway decent with your name on it, hack it to the top of a few Amazon categories, and watch the money and business growth roll in. And you know those days are over. It’s not enough to just be good anymore. Now if you even want a seat at the proverbial table, you have to be great.

For hundreds or thousands of people you may never meet in person, your book is you. If your book sucks, in those people’s eyes it’s you that sucks, and you’ll never get a second chance to make that first impression. Once a reader drops your book, they’re not picking it up again. You know you can’t afford to take that risk with your message, your platform, your future.

So you don’t want to write just any book.

You want to write a masterpiece book. A book that puts your message in terms so clear, consistent and commanding that readers can’t help agreeing with it. A book that speaks directly to your ideal clients and draws them into your sales funnel without making them feel sold to. A book that you’ll be proud to have as a business asset for the rest of your life. A book that turns your words into profit.

And you know you can’t make that happen alone. You don’t have the time, the bandwidth, the skill set or the desire to take it all on yourself. You need to partner with someone.

But you also know your partnership options aren’t all that great. A 90-day self-publishing school or DIY speak-your-book program won’t give you the guidance and support you want. A hack writer from Upwork or Fiverr won’t give you the quality content you need. Your friend who’s an English teacher won’t be able to write well about your topic for your audience—and they’re probably as busy as you are anyway. You’re an authority in your field. You need a book creation partner who’s an authority in his.

You need a Master Wordsmith™.

That’s where I come in.

I’m James Ranson, The Master Wordsmith™, and I’m here to take your words from good to great. I have more than two decades of writing and editing experience, I’ve worked with over 200 authors, and I will put my dedication to quality book creation up against anyone else’s out there any day of the week. Here’s what a few of my clients have said about working with me:

“James was totally aware that my writing was mine and kept it that way, only better. His insightful, no-BS editing style honed my vulnerable stream of consciousness into a powerful message that will impact the world.”

“Not only did James provide high-quality writing, he also made special effort to understand our industry well beyond surface-level knowledge. I couldn't have asked for a better writer for this job.”

“James was the solution to all of my book problems. He understood my situation, shared my goal to create a high-quality masterpiece, and matched his expertise to my passion effortlessly.”

“James understood exactly what I was trying to do. The finished result had the same great value content-wise, but was smoother, cleaner, better-organized, more appealing, and easier to read. If you're writing a book for your business, he's the best editor out there.”

“Clarity is everything, and James was to my book what BRITA is to my water.”

Benefits of working with me include:

  • Personal, one-on-one guidance and partnership
  • Tax transfer to business asset (fund your book with tax dollars!)
  • In-depth evaluations of your individual project needs
  • Customized projects for you and your book
  • Flexible timelines
  • Immediate start on retainer
  • Quality-centric work designed to make your book great, not just good

Whether you’ve written a book for your business and need an editor, you want to write one and need a book coach, or you need a ghostwriter to write one for you, I’m here to help you create a book worthy to represent your authority and expertise for the rest of your life.

To learn more about what I offer, see my services page.

To talk with me about your specific project and see if we’re a good fit to work together, apply for a free, customized consult with me here.

To see a selection of the books I’ve worked on, please visit my Portfolio page.

For more information and answers to general questions, check out my FAQ.

To get a free snapshot of my quality-centric book creation philosophy (and save some time and money while you’re at it), check out my free guide: The Seven Deadly Shortcuts Of Book Creation.

And for any other questions you may have, feel free to reach out through my Contact page.

Looking forward to working with you! Let’s start turning your words into profit.

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