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Don't Write A Crappy Book!

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Release date: October 1st 2018

Don't Write A Crappy Book!
by James Ranson, the Master Wordsmith

So this is where I do the thing everyone does on pages like this,

where I ask for your email address so I can send you stuff...

And I know, you're probably like come on, James, I have like nineteen of these things sending me stuff already, do I really have to make it twenty?

Unfortunately, if you want to be part of making this book come to life, the answer is yes. BUT, in return for sharing your inbox space with me for the next few months, I hereby promise you the following things:

1. I will actually send you cool stuff!

Like snapshots of interviews I did with really amazing book professionals for the book, sneak peeks at my actual writing, and ways for you to help me make the book the best it can be. Stuff that gives you real value on the topic of writing better books. In fact, I'll even start by sending you a free compilation of The 27 Most Epic Things Said In Interviews For This Book, a short but super-fun doc with the MOST insightful, funny, moving or educational statement from EACH of my 27 book interviews. You'll love hearing from these brilliant people, I guarantee it.

2. I will NOT send you stuff every day or (God forbid) multiple times a day.

Ain't nobody got time or bandwidth to read that many emails. I'll hold it down to once or twice a week until the book launch. (And I won't spam you or sell your info, because trust is a thing.)

3. I'll read every email you guys send back to me, and reply to as many as I can.

I might even write some emails to all of you answering questions that some of you send me! I want to hear from you through this process and use what I hear to make my book even better.


So to recap: cool stuff, not too often, reading and replying.

Can't beat that with a stick. You in? Let's do this!