On this page you’ll find all the guest posts, interviews, and other features I do or am part of around the net.

Note: I’m still building my online platform and presence, and I plan to keep at it for a while, so check back frequently for new additions!

Interviews and Guest Posts

10 Reasons Podcasters Benefit From Writing A Book – podcast interview with Ben Krueger of Cashflow Podcasting

Six Minutes With The Master Wordsmith – podcast interview on The Business Blast Podcast with Tyler Wagner

Self-Publishing Interview with Book Editor James Ranson – video interview with Dale L. Roberts of Self-Publishing with Dale

How Important Is Editing My Book? – video interview with Michael Butler of Beyond Publishing

Holding Still To Move Forward – podcast interview with fellow editor Amy Scott of Nomadtopia and Nomad Editorial

Writing Advice and Location-Independent Living – podcast interview with Thomas Frank of College Info Geek

Working With A Ghostwriter – Podcast Interview on The Author Inside You with Matt and Leah Rafferty

Helping Others Write Their Books With Master Wordsmith James Ranson – Podcast Interview on Big Time Dreams Podcast with Ben Dao

To Quiz Or Not To Quiz? – Podcast Interview on The Marketing Funnel Podcast with Michelle Evans


The Real Value of a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon – video by Dale L. Roberts featuring an article of mine

The Best Self-Publishing and Editing Shortcuts – video by Dale L. Roberts featuring me and my first book

Stop Shortchanging Yourself! – short talk I gave at the Launch Out St. Louis 2016 conference (45+ pounds ago!)

How Do Writers Write? – article by Authors Unite featuring me

Learn the 18 most common mistakes successful business authors avoid--and how you can avoid them too!

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