If you’ve already written your masterpiece book—or at least a draft or three of it—editing is what you’re looking for. Editing is the ultimate in transforming your words from good to great, making sure that everything you want to say comes across clearly and commandingly to the people who need to hear it.

Benefits of editing include:

  • In-depth project evaluation to determine what your text needs and what the editing process will include (aka clarifying what works and what needs work before the work actually begins)
  • Multiple editing passes through the text to ensure that the content, the language, and the polish are all up to highest standards (aka handling the big issues and the small ones both)
  • Dedicated author-editor interaction and discussion throughout (aka making sure we’re both happy with the final results)
  • Author veto on a percentage of edits (aka if there are a few changes I make that you don’t like, we can talk about changing them back)
  • A final draft that’s ready to be designed and published right away (aka no hesitation about whether it’s good enough anymore)

Editing tends to take between 2-4 months, potentially longer if the book is really long or needs a lot of extra work. Packages start between $3,000 and $5,000.

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