The Apprentice

Welcome, Apprentice!

As you now know, your author type is The Apprentice. You’ve got lots of enthusiasm to write a book, but you don’t know a whole lot about it yet, so the main block you run into is Inexperience. This block shows up as not quite knowing where to start, or what to do to make it a masterpiece when you do start. It also tends to look like information overwhelm, analysis paralysis, and/or confusion over conflicting messages in the marketplace. At worst, it can take the form of listening to the wrong people—and paying the price.

As an Apprentice, you want to be in the room where it happens. You’ve got a workable business, but you’re new enough to the idea of writing a book that you’re still figuring out exactly what to do. You’ve probably read a bunch of articles, looked at a few online courses or programs, and tried just sitting down to write, but none of those options have really spoken to you, you know? And there’s so much more out there you haven’t even gotten through yet! This book writing thing is so complicated! If only there was a way to break this block without taking years to learn from mistakes—or someone who could just teach you the best way to do it!

Enter the master wordsmith. In the olden days of craft and artisanship, apprentices learned their skills from an established master craftsman. The master’s experience provided the apprentice with a safe space to develop talent and perspective without having to bet their lives on how fast they could learn. Apprentices didn’t have much knowledge yet, but they made up for that ignorance with enthusiasm for learning and willingness to follow directions from a wise counselor.

Working with you as an Apprentice, I will be your expert teacher. I’ll guide you through each step of the book creation process, from honing and sharpening your idea to crafting an outline to scheduling writing time to revising and polishing your finished draft. I’ll answer every question you come up with—and help you learn to find your own answers. I’ll teach you the tips and tricks of creating high-quality writing without spending hours studying grammar. And I’ll apply my master wordsmith skills to your writing in real time, so you’ll become a stronger and more purposeful writer as you write each new chapter.

If you’re ready to begin your book apprenticeship, I invite you to apply for a free 30min Customized Book Consult ($500 value) with me. I look forward to teaching you what I’ve learned in the last twenty years.