The Hustler

Welcome, Hustler!

As you now know, your author type is The Hustler. As a Hustler, you’re the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, always launching, connecting, selling, creating, and looking for the next great opportunity. Writing a book to showcase your expertise and attract clients to your business has probably been on your radar for a while. You may have even tried writing one or two already! But no matter how hard you work at writing it, the book you want has never quite come together.

You’ve got no problem doing the work—hell, you probably love it. But you struggle when it comes to knowing which tasks will lead to the best results, so your block is Ineffectiveness. Your tendency to just put your head down and start working can sometimes take you down a much different path than you meant to choose, leaving you with reams of unhelpful and largely wasted work—full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

What you’ve probably realized by now is that hard work isn’t everything. Just as it doesn’t matter how fast you climb if your ladder’s leaning against the wrong wall, it doesn’t matter how hard you promote a message if it’s the wrong message going out to the wrong audience in the wrong tone at the wrong time. You don’t want to throw away your shot. So to help break this block, you’re looking for someone to help you guide and direct your amazing work ethic so that it doesn’t just produce any old book, it produces the right book.

Enter the master wordsmith. I’ve built my book coaching and editing business from the ground up, so I know exactly how hard you need to work to keep your own business growing in these tumultuous times. And I’ve worked with over 200 authors, so I know what it takes to curate and strategize a business message into a book that your ideal audience won’t be able to put down.

Working with you as a Hustler, I’ll be your strategic director. I’ll help you find razor clarity on exactly what you want to say, who you’re saying it to, and why you’re the best person to say it. I’ll guide you in creating a detailed outline and writing strategy, so every step of your work is planned and ready to go. I’ll be on call during your writing process in case you hit any snags. And I’ll sherpa you through revising the text so you can be sure you didn’t miss anything vital.

Ready to put the pedal to the metal on this project? Apply for a free 30min Customized Book Consult ($500 value) with me and let’s get moving.