The Visionary

Welcome, Visionary!

As you now know, your author type is The Visionary. As a Visionary, you’re the idea guy or gal, always looking two weeks or two years ahead. You know exactly where your business is going, and you know exactly what it will look like when you get there. The same goes for your book: you’ve got a title and a topic all picked out, and you’re already planning the signing tour for when it comes out.

There’s just one problem: you still have to write the damn thing! You can talk about your book all day, but you can’t seem to sit down and get it out on paper. If you write at all, it’s in fits and starts, never building up enough steam to get through more than a page or two at a time.

In other words, your block is Implementation. Your ideas are usually solid, but they struggle to get off the ground, so ultimately you end up starting lots of things but finishing few of them. And this book is too important to let that happen to it. But you can’t fix this issue all by yourself; we both know you’ve tried. Setting the force of your will against this particular block just won’t break it. If you want to make an all-out stand, you’re gonna need a right-hand man.

Enter the master wordsmith. As a professional partner in content creation, I understand better than most how important it is to suit actions to words and words to actions. Ideation is fantastic, but without the discipline to sit down and write, those ideas will sit inside your head forever—and steal all the money from you that they would have made if you’d just written them out. My job is to take what’s inside your head and help you get it out—whatever it takes.

Working with you as a Visionary, I will be your writing Sherpa. I’ll ask the right questions to get you clear on how to talk about your message. I’ll drive you to put that message into words, organize it, and get it ready for writing without succumbing to distraction. I’ll put together a writing schedule that works for you—and I’ll hold your feet to the fire on sticking to it. I’ll keep you accountable to everything we agree you’ll do, and give you regular support to stay on task and moving forward. And I’ll give you constructive criticism to make your draft even better than it looked in your head before you started writing.

Ready to get out of your head and onto the page? Apply for your free 30min Customized Book Consult ($500 value) with me now—don’t wait for the next idea to come along!